F BombCast 81: Froggy and Groggy Slob a Knob

With kevin back in the saddle the episode starts with a good chunk of Music talk….What?!?!?! In this thriller of an episode we will learn what mike carries in his pockets. Did you know TJ is a fan of pregnancy, learn this and what Britt Ekland sings while making love to walls. Yes, folks, the Wicker Man is discussed (the one from the 70’s cause that really is the only one). This spurs a discussion on religious fanaticism sort of kind of but not really. Kevin tries his damnedest to get us on the smallville train but that has left the station long ago for TJ and Mike. All this and you learn of the doomed last name of ┬áCarter. Then Comes Comics: Kevin Smith’s Quiver, The Rise and Fall of Green Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D #1, the Marvel Knights Four, Chew Vol. 1, and Black Widow: Web of Intrigue. Enjoy! (I promise the show is much funnier than this description, not feeling it today.)


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