Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 136 The Hickermama Episode!

Tonight’s show brought to you completely under the influence of Hickermama!  The boys are completely jinked up on some homespun sarsaparilla, the perfect concoction with which to discuss the trauma Ryan suffered during a real-life vampire encounter this morning.  Also discussed:  Mike spams his broadcast partner with tiny genitalia, and friend of the show Sam McRory launches his new vidcast with Farmer Chang.

In Chronic News, Monster Mike finally has his chance to build a house with Olivia Munn for a nominal fee, and the Eisner Awards once again snub Chronic’s Eisner-nominated journalistic efforts.  (insert paradox here) Marvel gives Diamond the axe and moves to Hachette.  Maybe Checker wasn’t exaggerating?

In Market Spotlight, we go over why Walking Dead # 70 might be “Chew part two”, and why M-Rex deserves to be resurrected from your local comic shop’s back issue bin.  Time Machine will show you an indie book priced so disgustingly high it would make Marvel blush, and this week’s “Buzz Book” is Kill Shakespeare!  (Just don’t let Frank Miller’s wife catch you with it)

We dare you to find a podcast that has more fun than we do.  If fun isn’t enough, might we recommend Where Monsters Dwell who will be talking to some guy you might have heard of named Joe Jusko this week!

We love the all of you!

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