Deconstructing Comics #227:, and Developing Your Own Style

Tim and Mulele set out to review, but “the gold of the site” is hidden. Mulele explains where to find Dustin Harbin’s best work.

Then an interview with (former) Tokyo resident Ed Siemienkowicz and a discussion of how to develop your own style. Tim continues to struggle with this as he is paid (!) (by an English school) to do some illustrations.

Finally, Mulele has a few words about WordPress plugin ComicPress, and why he’s switching to InkBlot — er, no, sorry, Webcomic 2.1

1 thought on “Deconstructing Comics #227:, and Developing Your Own Style

  1. Loved the commentary, guys. I’m going to go burn all my comics with farting or prosthetic teeth in them–good suggestion. I do appreciate the thoughtful way you guys looked at my site, once I finish up with HeroesCon in June things will return to their former weekly glory AND with the daily still. So.

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