F BombCast 78: Comics-R-Us

Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here!!! Strippers, Wings, Healthcare, and Batman, Does life get much better? What starts out as an innocent… well not so innocent tale of Dave’s Bachelor party, ends up getting TJ riled up about healthcare. ***WARNING** IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR TJ’S POLITICAL RANTINGS SKIP FROM THE 26:00 MARK TO ABOUT 32:00 ***END WARNING*** From there we learn TJ’s problem with Caillou and Mike’s Problem with Billy Baldwin. Kevin has to change pants over X Factor Forever. Batman and Batman & Robin are discussed at length as we learn that kevin hates scooby doo and all things that may bring fun into life. (well not really but i love saying that… it makes him angry and he is so cute when he’s mad.) Kevin Tries his damnedest to talk about Hulk for Ryan but the best he can do is Incredible Hercules, and TJ is stung by Green Hornet Year One. And kevin is giddy as a school girl for the Superman 80 Page Giant. Enjoy!

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