Burnt Weiners Episode 019 Battlefields The Firefly And His Magesty

The Weiners welcome back Weed to the show¬† as they tackle the latest offering of war stories from Dynamite Entertainment called Battlefields #4 The Firefly And His Majesty. Some of the Weiners flex their knowledge of history a bit and offer a lot of discussion on WWII. After the lengthy discussion, they move onto discussing the movie “Iowa” about some meth heads, Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Lost, American Vampire (Vertigo Comics), The Chill (Vertigo Comics), Warlord (DC Comics), Star Trek TNG, hip hop concerts, Green Lantern Corp(DC Comics), Green Hornet (Dynamite Entertainment) and even a bit Blackest Night (DC Comics) and how they are collecting the series.

The last ten minutes gets a little foul on the language as John reads a description found on the back of an adult movie, so it might be a good idea to skip over this if naughty talk or the UNI Panthers upset victory offend you.

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