WMD 92: Fred Hembeck & Todd Dezago

This Wednesday night, March 17th, tune in LIVE around the world through the magic of the internet!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Today everybody is Irish, including our two great guests: Todd Dezago and Fred Hembeck.

We’ll be chatting Todd Dezago up about his work on such titles as The Sensational Spider-Man, Tellos, Young Justice, Impulse and The Perhapanauts.

Fred is going to tell us what it was really like working with Stan lee (we think Salicrup was being too nice), why he loves Brother Voodoo so much and why his Omnibus is only ‘Nearly Complete’.

Speaking of Omnibus, Strange Adventures has donated a copy of the ‘Nearly Complete Fred Hembeck Omnibus’ to be given away to a lucky listener. Remember; you are automatically qualified to win if you sign up to listen on Facebook. The catch is, you have to listen for your name and call Red Shirt Ryan to claim your prize.

Also: Movie/TV/DVD news and of course, New Comics Day!

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