All-New, All-Awesome Image Addiction – Episode 14

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Show Notes:

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the show!

00:04:25 – Recent News
 – Betsy Gomez is Image Comics’s new PR and Marketing Coordinator.
 – Joe Keatinge is promoted to Sales and Licensing Coordinator.
 – Choker #1 sells out. New printing coming March 17.
 – More information on the upcoming Shawdowhawk #1, as well as a release date.

00:16:10 – Spawn #196 hits the shelves – FINALLY!
00:31:15 – Jersey Gods #11 brings us one issue closer to the end of a great series.
00:37:37 – Savage Dragon #158 moves the pieces around with a lot of characters showing up.
00:45:40 – Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #5 concludes the miniseries, and the guys love the last page.
00:56:40 – Witchblade #135 brings more sci-fi into the series – and its a good thing.

01:07:31 – Listener Email from Mike in Harlingen, TX about Spawn #196.

01:14:59 – Closing Comments

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