Where Monsters Dwell 91: with Norm Breyfogle

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Who is your favourite Batman artist? There’s been a lot but one always seems to find a spot at the top of my list; Norm Breyfogle. Norm’s expressive and dynamic artwork seemed like a perfect fit for the caped crusader and his books still hold a very prestigious spot in my Batman collection. This Wednesday, I get to talk with my favourite Batman artist and I hope you can tune in. If you have a question for Norm about his work on Batman for DC, Prime for Ultraverse at Malibu or his current work for Archie Comics, give us a call at 506-453-4949.

We’ll also be taking our first qualifier for the Superman Belt Buckle from Geek Chic, our brand new sponsor, talking about new comics at Strange Adventures, new movies and new DVDs.

Hope to hear from you then!

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