Sidekickcast Episode #36 – The Magic Number

Sidekickcast Episode #36 - The Magic Number

So what is the magic number? One…two…oh who cares, especially when you’ve got another episode of The Sidekickcast to listen to. Gavin and Dan are joined this week by the elusive yet always good value X-Centric Ned for some chat about the latest animated offerings from both Marvel and Dc and then maybe a little comic book talk too just for good measure.

The boys tackle Stack Attack head on with reviews of Devil #1, Choker #1, X-Force #24, Ultimate Comics Avengers #5, Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1, X-Men Hope, Amazing Spider-Man #623 and Absolution #6.

Secrets and Lies
; The comic book news quiz with a twist, who knows what the score is? Who cares? A good time was still had by all and you can play along at home, shouting mercilessly into your generic mp3 listening decive.

A slightly shorter episode this week as both Dan and Gavin get thrown in detention for not doing their homework for either Knowing Me, Knowing You nor Dig This! But don’t forget to listen past the outro music to see just how smoothly this operation truly works.

We appear to have had some server problems so if you’re one of the unfortunate people to have downloaded the half-arsed version of the Sidekickcast please re-download now for the full version. Apologies, we suck.

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