Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 131 Ryan’s Birthday Special

On tap for Ryan’s Birthday Special – A complete superhero origin story for Ryan and Chronic Insomnia!  Experience his humble beginnings as a well-endowed seed in mom’s womb, listen to archive audio of Ryan as a precocious, comic-obsessed child, and finally discover how the Chronic crew acquired the Omnitron 6000 holding the key to Earth’s future!

We have some of the usual suspects this week as well, including a Market Spotlight covering a “day which will live in quasi-infamy”.  Were you able to capitalize on March 7 when Amazon lost its marbles and sold a stack of Marvel Omnibi for less than $10?  A complete embedded report included on this week’s show.  Simone leaves Wonder Woman, Straczynski takes his place, and Gaiman reads for the CBLDF in Chronic News.

We haven’t done a “Pop Quiz” in quite some time, so I decided to test my broadcast partner’s expansive knowledge of British slang.  Of course he ended up taking the piss, but you can hardly blame him since my co-host is a bit barmy and was knackered to boot.  British people: bloody hillarious, but why don’t they speak English!  All this and a preview of what NOT to buy this week at your LCS.

Tune in Wednesday for Where Monsters Dwell, and don’t dare miss next week when Mike takes total control of the show!  If you are so inclined, check out our Eisner nominated blogs here:  Chronic Blog and Insomnitorial.

As always, we love the all of you.

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  1. This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite comics podcast on the CBN.

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