MOMBcast #24

The 24th Monkey on my back podcast, brought to you this week through Nicks cold, James’ possible birthday, Jane’s Smurf addiction, and Richards sweet ass cupcakes. This week as well as our spinning orders we discuss the threat to the future of the superb Unknown Soldier and spotlight Jason Aarons breakout title – The Other Side. Monkey on my back podcast, now proud members of the Comic Podcast Network!

Show timings:

13:50 N. #1 of 4 (Stephen King/Marc Guggenheim/Alex Maleev)

20:20 Age Of Reptiles – The Journey #3 of 4 (Ricardo Delgado)

26:20 Birdsong Preview (Various)

29:30 Chew #9 (John Layman/Rob Guillory)

 33:20 Avengers vs ATLAS #2 (Jeff Parker/Garbriel Hardman)

41:10 Sweet Tooth #7 (Jeff Lemire)

44:50 Demo #2 of 6 (Brian Wood/Becky Cloonan)

54:00 First Wave #1 (Brian Azzarello/Rags Morales)

58:40 Green Hornet #1 (Kevin Smith/Jonathan Lau)

01:05:00 Shuddertown #1 Preview (Nick Spencer/Adam Green)

 01:10:00 Unknown Soldier cancellation? (Joshua Dysart/Alberto Ponticelli)

01:22:00 The Other Side (Jason Aaron/Cameron Stewart)

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