All-New, All-Awesome Image Addiction – Episode 13a

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Show Notes:

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the show!

Well, it wouldn’t be a thirteenth episode without some problems along the way.  This particular episode will be split up into two seperate episodes we like to call #13A and #13B. 

In this first part of our big Episode 13, Mike and Chris dive head first into new reviews, and the return of the timestamps!

00:06:48 – Cowboy Ninja Viking #4 has some of Mike imaginiation inside.
00:16:47 – Walking Dead #70 hits those notes Chris was looking for last issue.
00:19:43 – Astounding Wolf-Man #21 just doesn’t have that punch all the other Kirkman books have.
00:21:00 – Forgetless #3 has one of the best covers!
00:37:02 – Chew #9 dishes out a ton of story.
00:41:45 – Chase Variant (One-Shot is All I Need) #1 provides Chris with a stronger desire to hunt down 2000A.D. issues.

00:49:27 – Closing Comments

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