Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 130 The Pre-Birthday Meltdown Extravaganza

The worlds most tragically challenged comic book podcast.

You know, about every six weeks or so our normally odd broadcasts go completely beyond control.  This show is one of those.  Impending illness and the travesty of Charmin bears sends Ryan into complete Meltdown Mode.  Other stuff to look forward to:

Todd McFarlane looks to pull a Mel Gibson with his Spawn sequel, Neal Adams signs on for a new Wolverine book, and you can buy 4 million comics off the guy from System of a Down for a quarter million dollars in Chronic News!

We’ll teach you how Thor’s pain in the ass brother can make you some money in Market Spotlight, where we also mention some comics that deserve to be regarded as modern classics for some reason.  The Time Machine contains two horror books on opposite ends of the Suck Spectrum.  Which will the Chronic Crew prefer – vampire rapists that cause their victims to explode, or a zombie period piece featuring lesbian leads?  Tough call, tough call.  You’ll have to tune in and find out which one got the Chronic seal of approval!

All that and Mike doles out some early birthday gifts for Ryan, who turns in a masterful impersonation of Mr. Slate at one point.  You won’t want to miss this one, kids!

Check out our Canadian friends at Where Monsters Dwell and aso read our Eisner nominated blog.

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