The Next Issue 30: Double Sized, Low Powered, Highly Opinionated.

Ok…Ok…we’ve been remiss in our duties again!! Afters 2 blizzards and bad equipment we managed to crank a show out! But fear not, on this double sized 30th show, Greg, Elden and Aitch discuss why Avatar should or should not win Best Picture. The guys also discuss The new Ultimates book, the Washington DC Comic con and SDCC’s future, and other news stories. In 1st Impressions, the Nightmare oh Elm Street trailer, Wolfman, Planet Hulk, Justice League Crisis on 2 Earths, and others.
Also Blackest Night 7 (spoiler free!!) and Siege 2 as well as tie in comics are discussed.
We apologize for the low quality of the audio but we had a power failure during recording and had to use our 2nddary source.
But for those of who are patient, if you want to find out how to win $25 bucks for some comics, tune in and find out!

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