Tales of the Justice Society of America – Episode #16


HEY, GUYS! (And gals, too). Here ’tis… yet another awesome, jam-packed, high-octane, four-on-the-floor, pedal-to-the-metal (Mike reeeeally likes these car analogies, which is kind of ironic when you consider he really doesn’t care all that much about cars) episode of TALES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA!

This week we present another extra-sized episode as Mike and Scott deal with even more of YOUR excellent e-mails and boy-o-boy do Scott and Mike have some great ones this week!! The guys dive head first back into the hot-topic debate that they accidentally sparked regarding Geek Elitism. There are some tears and some laughter, a few cheap shots at Scott’s expense, and a good ol’ fashinoned two-men-enter, one-man-leaves trip to The Thunderdome to see who rules Bartertown! All of this a result of the awesome e-mails the show receives, so keep ’em coming, friends!!

Next it’s on to ALL-STAR COMICS #70, which once again features a cover boast of an appearance by the Huntress yet once again she is barely in the issue. There’s also some speculatory talk about what Santa Claus does in the off season and they also pose the serious question of what the hell is up with the Star-Spangled Kid and his piss-poor work ethic!

And, of course, there are ads!! Yyyyyyyesssssss!! And there are some really good ads this time ’round, too! Ads that threaten to bankrupt Mike because he wants all of the comics that are shown! These are the type of ads that lead to a strong desire to see the ultimate showdown of might versus magic in —Superman VS. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! It’s heat-vision versus a very shiny nose!! Be there! Ahoha!

Last, but never least, your favorite feature returns — The Hostess Ads. And, once again, said ad begs the question — “Just what the hell were the folks producing these ads smokin’ when wroting these things?!!”

Yes, Virginia, that is the Penguin with coo-coo clock/bird hybrid abominations as his henchmen!

You can’t make this shit up, I swear.


Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

We hope you enjoy our show and will join us each and every week for more Tales of the Justice Society of America!!

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