Burnt Weiners Episode 015 Guardians Of The Galaxy #23

Guardians of the Galaxy has been making John and Weed have to cross their legs in trying to hide their nerd boners, will the newest issue make Bo and Steege also have to try and conceal some excitement? The Weiners talk about Bo starting to read more and more comics monthly, Tick #2, Deadpool, Star Trek, Paranoia Agent, Tails of the Pet Avengers, and Colt Noble and the Megalords (think He-Man parody that is actually hilarious)! Steege tells everyone a little bit about the new D&D system and books, and the Weiners wrap the show up with a dirty joke from Weed! Stay tune for the next episode when Weed will be newly minted as a Bostonian and we find out if he pillages and razes the whole entire city to the ground in his first few hours there!

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