F BombCast 73: CineBombCast

Cinebombcast… Now that just sounds tasty. Well folks, Shafty and righty take you on a trip of murder and intrigue. TJ’s daughter is either the biggest fan of batman the animated series in the world or a sociopath. With Kev away the boys completely forget about comic talk, but all the more merry when he returns next week when we shall do a large segment on comics, I promise. We do get into the Planet Hulk DVD for a brief second and why Paranormal Activity is not as horrible if you go into it with he right mindset. We also have a completely compelling and fascinating conversation about what is considered a tropical fruit (Holy fuck did we get hacky). I love Tom and Mike loves his Ribs, listen to find out who he is. TJ takes you into the Way back machine for his Top 5 Directors and Mike drags you back to the faraway land of 1988. Listen and you will be amazed on the topics we can spend a good ten minutes on.

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  1. This page wasnt working earlier. i tried viewing it but it timed out 4-5 times now but i can access it now. Why did this occur? Am i the only one having this issue?

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