Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 128 Ryan’s Back…Yee Haw!

Ryan is back just in time for Valentines Day, which means you can expect a lot of warm and fuzzy talk about relationships!  Or 90 solid minutes of the worst filth we’ve ever spewed, one or the other….

Can your comic collection send you to jail?  One Iowa man finds out the truth the “hard” way in Chronic News, which also contains what will surely go down as Eisner-nominated coverage of Kevin Smith’s Fatgate fiasco with Southwest Airlines.

The Rocketeer, Tomb Raider, Deadpool, and Marvel’s misadventures with tea bags are the focus of Market Spotlight.  Do you know any other podcast that loves you enough to make you some money with your 4-color fetish?  We don’t either.

All this and full details on what landed the former Manatee in the hospital last week – NOW how much would you pay?  Hey, we’re back and loaded for bear this week – if you’ve been thinking of hooking up with a comics podcast from the wrong side of the tracks….this is the week to take a chance on Chronic Insomnia!

If you’re interested in our sister show, check out Where Monsters Dwell. We also have a Eisner Nominated Blog that you should definitely check out.

As always, we love the all of you.

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