CNI 243 – Deirdre Lorenz (Santorini Blue)

Reviews: Demo Vol. 2 #1, Milestone Forever #1, Ultimate X #1

The boys welcome filmmaker/actor/model Deirdre Lorenz in the studio to nerd out about comic, movies and more. Who’s she? Get to clicking to find out. News includes Watchmen prequels/sequels, Filipino superheroes, Chris Nolan’s Superman, Olivia Munn’s comic lawsuit, UK kid & his love for Cerebus and more! We also let Deirdre chat about her film, Santorini Blue, since she was so kind to do some voice over work for us. (Didja notice?) Also, we tease some of the commentary (for the PSP) from the upcoming IDW book, We Will Bury You by Brea/Zane Grant with art by Kyle Strahm.

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