Tales of the Justice Society of America – Episode #13


Hey! HEY!! The week ain’t over yet, fanboy! Not until you’ve had your heapin’-helping of another fun-filled, exciting, and thrill-packed episode of TALES OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA!

Scott and Mike kick lucky #13 off with still more of YOUR thought-provoking e-mails and have SO MUCH FUN reading and discussing them that they spend over an hour doing so! Yikes! A whole lotta ground gets covered, including a discussion of geek elitism and just exactly why Mike HATES Johnny Thunder with the fire of a thousand suns!! (He has anger management issues, folks)

After that, the guys discuss All-Star Comics #68 and ask the HARD QUESTIONS!! Such as — What the hell did the Gotham Airport do to piss off so much Alan Scott anyway?! — And — If nothing less than a bursting shell can break Power Girl’s skin, why does simply running into a wall knock her the f*** out?!

Sadly, no Hostess ad again this week (there really oughta be a law!), but there was a TON OF AWESOME going on elsewhere in the DC Multiverse and so the guys try to take some consolation in covering that.

All of this PLUS — Mike and Scott fight a grizzly bear with nothing but guts, determination, and a spork!!

Just kidding on that last one… or — are we…???


Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

We hope you enjoy our show and will join us each and every week for more Tales of the Justice Society of America!!

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