Raging Bullets Episode 196a : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 196a: Blackest Night coverage continues: We are joined by Myron Rumsey from Blog of Oa and look at Green Lantern 49, Power of Shazam 48, Secret Six 17 and Catwoman 83.
David Baron’s contest revealed as well in the show opening.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening, heroinitiative.org, http://www.DCBService.com, http://www.Instocktrades.com, , http://www.geturgeekonradio.com, our ongoing contest (Ragingcontest@gmail.com), senseiofwhatnot@gmail.com, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.

5:35 Green Lantern 49
1:14:25 Blackest Night Tie Ins: Power of Shazam, Catwoman and Secret Six.
2:02:05 Show Closing

We’ll be back in a few days our next episode. Check Ragingbullets.com and the forum for regular updates.

Blog of Oa

David Baron’s Blog and Twitter for the contest




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