Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 123 The Schizophrenic Files

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Worst Comic Book Podcast Presents:

90 minutes of Chronic Insomnia?  Holy crap, what were we thinking?  In this weeks show Ryan and Mike discuss the very nature of the universe as it relates to Comic Books.  Well it’s either that or we talk about bodily functions again.  I really can’t remember.

Has Mike from WMD become a member of the dark side?  Ryan and Mike explain how his training in nearly complete.  Once down the path of the dark side, forever will Chronic Insomnia, dominate your destiny.

We have breaking news about Spiderman 4 along with special audio from one of our extremely hands on fans, “Miracle” Keith.  It’s a fun show all around with plenty of comic book dissection.

Tune in next week as Ryan phones in from Bismark, North Dakota and Mike is in the studio by himself.  Will he find a friend to be on the air with?  Tune in to find out.  We’re taking applications for a co-host as of now.

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We love the all of you!

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