Comic Timing – Episode 100: Part 1

The long awaited Episode 100 celebration begins here! Mandy Stegall, Sean Whelan, and Jim Segulin from Raging Bullets hop on to discuss Comic Book Icons. Which company has the most icons? What characters are iconic without us even realizing it? We discuss that and tons more in this episode. Plus, listen in for lost Comic Timing content from throughout the years, including the likes of Jason Wood, Shawn Pryor, and Brent Kossina!

Make sure to check out the Fan Picks on Heroes Corner, which is where you can find Comic Timing’s picks for our Review Corner episodes! This month’s picks are the following:

SIF #1 40% off retail (HC price: $2.39/retail $3.99)

SUPERMAN LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON #1 75% off retail (HC price: $0.75/retail $2.99)


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