Tales of the Justice Society of America – Episode #9


This whacky episode begins with a discussion of Chewbacca’s comic book dialogue and just gets weirder from there. Hosts Michael Bailey and Scott H. Gardner bring you yet another exciting chapter in the ongoing saga of comicdom’s first super-team!! First up, Michael recounts The Atom’s Indiana Jones-esque adventure from All-Star Comics #3 (the JSA’s very first get-together). Then it’s on to the feature event, an in-depth discussion of All-Star Comics #65 where we find Superman battling for his very life against the fiendish schemes of Vandal Savage!! Character Spotlight this issue zooms in on Alan Scott, the ORIGINAL Green Lantern, and last but not least — BECAUSE YOU DEMAND IT! — still more zany comic book ads!!

In “That Dirty Beach” (hey, that’s seriously the title! I don’t make this shit up, okay?), We find out that Aquaman and Hostess Twinkies are the reason why we continue to have used rubbers and medical syringes washing up on our shores…


Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

We hope you enjoy our show and will join us each and every week for more Tales of the Justice Society of America!!

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