Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 122 Fried To A Crisp

Chronic Insomnia – The worlds most insane comic book podcast.  Saving the world, one poop joke at a time.

This week on Chronic Insomnia we find out how much sleep Ryan hasn’t gotten in the past three days.  We also learn why your credit report might not be as interesting as we think it is.  Was “Jennifer’s Body” a better movie than the trailers lead us to believe?  Is Megan Fox still attractive?

What were the top five books of 2009?  We really don’t know, but someone smarter than us has come with a list of the top 100 books and we read off the top five.

The final tally for “Man Among Men in 2010” is in.  Red Shirt Ryan and Mike bring this exciting contest down the wire as the year ends.  Do we have predictions for the upcoming year?  Well not really, but we’ve still got full control of our bladders, so somethings going right for us.

Check out our good friends, Where Monsters Dwell and see how a real comic book show is done.  Also check out our critically acclaimed comic book blog.  If you’d like to hear older shows from Chronic Insomnia, or are having trouble with the current site, please check out our alternative site here.

As always, We love the all of you.

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