CNI 237 – The End of CNI! with Lost’s Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) & True Blood’s Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston)

Reviews: Chimichanga #1, Hellboy Bride Of Hell One Shot, Last Days Of American Crime #1, Sherlock Ninja Curious Case Of The Iron Monkey #1, Unknowns #1

It’s the final show of 2009 and the boys go out with a bang! They discuss their Christmas goodies, Doctor Who and send Julia Wertz (The Fart Party) birthday wishes. News includes Indy Comic Book Week, Stan Lee’s birthday, Captain America movie, Geoff Johns tweets Green Lantern and the Pope blesses Homer Simpson. Kevin Conn (Lava Roid) calls us to give his thoughts on Indy Comic Book Week as well. Also, a couple of moments of magic happen with some TV characters. We’re not sure how it ends up as this was typed up before the show was recorded. Do let us know.

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