Comic Tube Episode 48: James Cameron’s Avatar

Leroy and Brad review the new James Cameron Sci-fi Movie; Avatar.

0:00 – Show Opening/Movie News/Announcements
25:00 – Spoiler Filled Movie Review
1:40:00 – Show Closing

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2 thoughts on “Comic Tube Episode 48: James Cameron’s Avatar

  1. okay im sorry why waste your money on Last Stand…. and to top it off a collectors edition…. lmao

  2. avatar was amazing….

    okay the story wasn’t that original, like you guys said its Pocahontas, Fern Gully (if guys ever seen that cartoon) and other things. but the world James Cameron created is insane, how much detail went into creating the world and how everything works. I went in with no expectations cause i hate hype, and i left amazed. You get lost in the movie I want to have dreams about Pandora. I really dont want him to do a sequel even though he has enough story to do so. and everyone says “he made terminator 2 one of the best sequels ever” but still i dont want him too. okay i think im done….. hahaha

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