Sidekickcast Episode #32 – Bonapalooza Strikes Again

Sidekickcast Episode #32 - Bonapalooza Strikes Again

It’s that time of year again for the Bonapalooza so of course regular Sidekickcast hosts Gavin and Dan are joined in the Danger Room by X-Centric Ned and Davlo closely followed by our good friend Mr Jack Daniels. The Sidekicks celebrate Gavin’s birthday in style where gifts are given and el vino doth flow, theres even some catch about comics thrown in for good measure!

In Stack Attack this episode we take a run at Cowboy Ninja Viking #2, The Siege: The Cabal #1, Dr Horrible #1, Viking #4, Blackest Night #5, Daredevil #504 and Invincible Iron Man #20.

The score is 10-6.5 to Gavin in Secrets and Lies; the comic book news quiz that is sure to to confound even the most hardcore comic book fan. Will the backup Dan has brought along be enough to keep the pressure on and sniff out the lie?!

We continue our new segment Alt.Uses for Comics with the comic book stab vest. *DISCLAIMER* The Sidekickcast does not in any way support the use of knives as weapons and strongly feels that people should in no way attempt to copy or take safety advice from this bunch of idiots*DISCLAIMER* Nuff Said.

Our Dig That! choice for this week comes from Lil Fat Mikey in the form of The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames. We’d like to wish everyone out there a happy holidays and don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some very drunken out-takes.

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