Issue # 120 The Chronic Insomnia Christmas Special 2009

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Most Insane and Vulgar Comic Book Podcast Presents:

Grab that yule log like you mean it and tickle those chestnuts…it’s time for the Chronic Insomnia Christmas Special!   Not to be too spoilerific, but this episode features Santa Claus, some elves, Grant Morrison, The Chronic Boys, Tiger Woods, one tranvestite hooker, two murders, one accidental death, Remy’s christmas presents, and just about every bodily fluid in the medical pantheon!  You’re welcome!

Oh, yeah….we did some comic book stuff, too:
Details on J.M. Straczynski’s upcoming dream project at D.C., and why all comic book collectors are nothing more than battered house wives!

Diamond isn’t shipping anything next week, but spin the cast and find out how you can still get your NEW comic fix next week if you live near the City That God Forgot!

Also check out our very current blog and a bunch of our friends at Where Monsters Dwell. Those Canadians might be terrible neighbors, but they sure have a darn good radio show.

As always, we love the all of you – thanks to everyone who shared a wonderful 2009 with us this year!

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