F Bombcast 65: A Blast from the Past Vol 3

As the christmas season rolls around, We don’t have time to record so you get a great blast from the past. This is episode 8 which is really episode 12 which is now episode 65. Kevin is Back , From where you ask, Fuck if i know, it was over a year ago. We are introduced to the wonderful talking breast, We explain our love of lesbianism and we go in depth on Saturday Morning Cartoons that do not involve superheroes. Back in the good old days we used to opine poetically on comic books, Come Experience it as we get on our knees for Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison and give a razzing to Bendis. We talk about the shock factor of Garth Ennis and TJ looks at what is going on in Batman RIP (Listen to how wrong he was). Other Books talked about: Cable #6, Authority #1 by DnA, and Green Lantern #33.

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