Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 8999 Greatest Hits Volume 3!

Issue # 900  Chronic Insomnias Greatest Hits 2009.  The following show is filled with previously released bits, skits and songs from 2009.  Enjoy this stroll down memory lane with us and get your fix of Chronic Insomnia at the same time.  Stay tuned for next week when we release our Christmas Special 2009.

ChronicGreatest2009Breaking News! – Check out our blog and see what’s up with the Chronic boys.  You can also check out why Ryan thinks Christmas Sucks!
#1  Pee Promo
We broadcast together, feed each other finger sandwiches…and we pee together.  Play your friends this promo, please.  They’ll either run straight toward us or away from you screaming.
#2  17 Inch Penis
When Mike needs help with a pickle jar, Ryan finds something 17 inches in length that’s just what the doctor ordered.
#3  Carbonite Love Story
One our most ambitious skits involving existing audio.  If you listen to us “making out” and enjoy it, you should be listening to Comic Book Queers and NOT us.
#4  Carradine
Chronic Insomnia scoops TMZ with exclusive footage of David Carradine’s death in a bangkok hotel room.  Forget the Eisner….give us the Pulitzer!
#5  Conjugal Visit in the Halfway House
A tear-jerking (well, something gets jerked) ode to having relations in the halfway house.  And that’s why we love comics!
#6  J-Flow
The only sponsor ridiculous enough to want to attach themselves to the world’s most absurd comic book podcast!  I can’t even pitch this one without drawing the attention of the FCC, so just listen and enjoy.
#7  Gunt Shaving
Manatee Weight Loss 2009 was a huge deal this year.  Probably rock bottom was this disgusting and unorthodox method of slimming some ounces off the Manatee of Podcasting.
#8  Kennedy Trick-or-Treat
Next stop on the Halloween tour was Kennedy’s house.  Take  a spin and learn just how far Quincy will go for a handfull of fun size Butterfingers!
#9  Ryan Pukes
Yup.  And we recorded it.  You’re welcome!
#10  The Growler
Mild Mannered scientist Dan Arcadian gained the power to disrupt the bowels of any creature when he was bitten by a radioactive grizzly bear.  Thrill to the adventures of The Growler and his totally heterosexual partner Cub!
#11  Harry Trick-or-Treat
Harry Caray is always a treat – grab a Budweiser and find out what happens when Ryan & Mike visit Harry’s house for some candy on Halloween!
#12  Love Taco
The most romantic thing Quincy has ever written.  Play this for your special lady and watch her melt….out of the room and toward her lawyer.  It’s pretty damn funny to us, though.
#13  Thor in Assgard
No, that’s not a typo.  Cory from Dallas introduced us to Assgard, and we’ve got exclusive footage of Thor’s misadventures in this perilous realm!
#14  Hulk visits the Enterprise
Even the enthusiastically oral Sulu might be biting off more than he can chew when the Hulk shows up on the Starship Enterprise.  Even I get grossed out by this one, folks, and I helped write and record the bloody thing…
#15  Didio Interview
Ryan’s first Eisner nominated interview with DC bigwig Dan Didio.  As usual, I get the dirt that nobody else in the industry can.  And folks, Didio is a dirty, dirty, boy if this in-depth conversation is any indication.
#16  Black Lantern
Chronic Insomnia’s spoilerific preview of this year’s biggest blockbuster – can even the combined might of the Green Lantern corp defeat……the Rosy Palm???
#17  Kanye Wests Ruins Our Award
You just can’t take Kanye West anywhere!  Will the Chronic Boys put this little D-Bag in chiggity check when he busts up our podcasting award?  And is Remy to blame for this debacle?
#18  Sesame Street Bit
It will come as no surprise to many of you about what REALLY goes inside Bert & Ernie’s bedroom…
#19  Christmas Miracle
Hoo boy.  What would happen if Trent Reznor and Warren Ellis got together and wrote a Christmas song?  It would sound a lot like this, unfortunately.  This one has more rape than most carols you’re used to….
#20  Damon Interview
Ryan interviews the “Lost” geek and finds out he’s a freak and a jackass!
#21  Never Gonna Spit You Out
More romance, Chronic style.  Some podcasts get headlining comic creators, but we get heavy hitters like Rick Astley on our show.  We win.
#22  Galactus
Hey, John Galactus puts his skyscraper sized boots on one at a time just like the rest of us.  Then he calls the cable company to get his reception fixed and gets hosed….just like the rest of us.
#23  J-Flow Part Two
Ernie and Bert help our sponsor demonstrate the mega-wad sack evacuator.  It’s good all around for everyone involved.
#24  Dennis Twought – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Only Dennis could work his frustrations with a transvestite into an ode to Kurt Cobain.  Merry Christmas to everyone at The Flamingo Room!
#25  WMD promo
As soon as you’re done listening to this, go to and listen to anything on the page, so you can see how these things are SUPPOSED to be done!

We Love The All Of You!  We’ll see you again on the 24th for our annual Christmas Special.

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