Superman Fan Podcast Episode #104: Superman In Exile, Part V: The End Of Exile!


This episode concludes our look at the SUPERMAN IN EXILE storyline from the late 1980’s. It was collected in the trade paperback SUPERMAN: EXILE.

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Superman Fan Podcast Special Blog: Superman In Exile Checklist!, posted on April 25, 2009, lists all of the issues discussed in this series of podcasts so you can read them for yourself!

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The Superman issues that will be discussed in this episode are:

Cover dated June 1989:

Cover dated July 1989:
SUPERMAN 33, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 456 and ACTION COMICS 643 (its first monthly issue since the end of ACTION COMICS WEEKLY). The editor for all of these issues was Mike Carlin.

Next episode: Superman Vs. Captain Marvel!

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