The Next Issue 26: The Leftovers of 2009



The guys are back after Turkey Day and Black Friday. Aitch Kev and Neil discuss Hulk #1 beign sold at an auction, the future of the Terminator franchise and blu ray sales are up. In 1st Impressions, Kev talks about Left for Dead II and Ninja Assassins. Speaking of assassins, he and Aitch also talk about Assassins Creed II. In comic reviews, Aitch reviews Swordswmith Assassins 1 -4, Spider-man The List and Cowboy Ninja Viking #1. Neil reviews, Huk 18,  Adventure Comics 4 and a host of  Blackest Night tie ins as well as #5.

EDIT: Now linked to correct mp3 file for Episode 26. Enjoy!

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