Sidekickcast Episode #31 – Pink it’s Not Even a Question

Sidekickcast Episode #31 - Pink it's Not Even a Question

Flying solo for the first time in a while, well actually there’s two of them but you get the idea, Sidekickcast hosts Dan (Marshall Law) and Gavin (The Boneman) are bringing it back for the little man. We wander down TV memory lane with some Firefly chat which evolves into Dollhouse dissection and somehow make our way over to Reservoir Turtles.

In our comic book review segment; Stack Attack we take a look at Flash Reborn #5, Wolverine: Weapon-X #7, Blackest Night #5, Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle #2, SWORD #1, X-Force #21, Daredevil #502, Supergod #1 and Batman and Robin #6.

It’s all down to Dan in Secrets and Lies the comic book news quiz, how will he fair with nobody to watch his back? We experiment with some alternative uses for comic books with varying degrees of success, have you got any ideas for this dodgy new feature? Gavin ambushes Dan in Knowing Me, Knowing You with Punisher MAX #1 in the hope of bringing him over to dark side of Marvel Comics. Dig That! becomes another example of Staurt Tipples’ attmepts to frazzle the Sidekicks minds with obscure and mind bending comics, this week it’s Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Signal to Noise. We fade to black with our favourite colour and some proper stupid outtakes.

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