Chronic Insomnia – 118 The Damon Lindelof Interview

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Strangest Comic Book Podcast.  We’re Saving The World One Poop Joke At A Time

This week Chronic Insomnia gets the interview of all interviews.  Damon Lindelof discusses his work and personal love of animals with our hard hitting journalist Ryan Lee.

Just how much fatter is Mike this week?  Does Remy from Where Monsters Dwell think we are A-holes?  Which podcast do we review this week and what do we think?  What the heck is Ryan drawing with his pee foam when he goes to the bathroom?  Tune in to find out all those answers and more.  We might even get in some comic book talk at some point.

Check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell and see how professionals get it done.  Honestly if you’re listening to us, you should give yourself a hand job at some point, just don’t pull your crank off.  That stings.

We love the all of you.

The Chronic Crew

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