Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 117 Ryan IS Jennifer Beals!

The Worlds Most Vulgar Comic Book Podcast!


Why is Ryan in a flop sweat?  Is Ryan a “steel town girl, on a Saturday night?”  One neck injury later and Ryan’s on his way, and no he didn’t get a sore neck from trying to put his meat missile in his mouth.  It’s from something much worse actually.

Mike’s down another pound from last week and apparently he still has a problem with his throat.  In many ways it’s the sexiest Mike has ever sounded on the show.

Is our show really as good as the other shows out there?  Well you tell us.  Tune in this week to learn what happened to our good friend Remy in Canada.  On a serious note, we are VERY glad you are fine man.  We might be goofing around a little bit, but we love ya, and you should know that.

Check out our illegitimate sister show at:  Where Monsters Dwell and see how a REAL show is done.

We love the all of you.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

The Chronic Crew

Caution Explicit

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