R.I.P. Eric Martin


With great sadness, the Comics Podcast Network has learned that friend and fellow podcaster, Eric Martin, passed away in his sleep this past Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Eric was a regular participant of The Geek Brunch podcast, and was co-host of DC Noise, Comics Playground, and The Trip. Along with these, he has appeared on many Comic Book Noise family shows, and was a regular poster on the various boards of The Comic Forums.

Eric may have passed, but his voice will continue to be heard by many ears for hopefully years to come. Rest in peace, Eric. Here’s hoping you’re waiting on line for a Question sketch from Kirby as we speak. For further information on Eric, I recommend looking through his posts on The Comic Forums; for further info on his passing, please follow Comic Book Noise, or any of the podcasts he was a part of.

Once again Eric, you will be missed.

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