Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 114 The 2009 Halloween Special!

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Most Vulgar Comic Book Podcast.  Saving The World One Poop Joke At A Time.

On this weeks show Ryan and Mike go Trick or Treating in “The City That God Forgot.”  Ryan gives us his rendition of his favorite “Wham” song and Mike does a little Man-Scaping on former President Kennedy.  Does Harry Carey need a diaper or he just that gross?

Listen as we discuss our favorite Halloween movies and learn all about revenge and true love from that wonderful movie, “The Crow.”  Nothing says love like coming back from the dead to kill your own killers.

Is there really a place called ASSgard?  Download the show and find out.  We want to wish every Ghoul and Goblin out there a Happy Halloween and remember, if it’s red for more than a week, you should probably get tested.

Check out our Sisters up in Canada on Where Monsters Dwell.  We love those guys almost as much as we love strippers; and as for the rest of you out there, well…we love the all of you too.

The Chronic Crew

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