The Batman Universe Comic Podcast Episode 30

Check out the brand new episode of The Batman Universe Comic Podcast. Besides covering the Batman comic news from the past two weeks, we review all of the Batman comics from the past two weeks as well. In our discussion we talk about horror elements that have appeared in Batman comics. The Bat-Books for Beginners covers World’s Finest (1990).

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:15 Comic News

0:21:32 TPB’s

0:24:45 Batman and Robin #5

0:28:38 Batman #691

0:33:28 Batman Annual #27

0:41:13 Detective Comics Annual #11

0:48:39 Batman Confidential #34

0:51:00 Batman: The Unseen #1

0:55:07 Red Robin #5

1:00:30 Batgirl #3

1:05:56 Review Wrap-Up

1:18:30 Discussion

1:24:24 BBFB

1:38:18 Upcoming Releases

1:38:14 Next Time…

1:39:50 Closing

1:42:55 Outakes

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