CNI 227 – Big Apple Con with Melody Anderson, Erin Gray, and Miracle Laurie

Reviews: Beyond the Wall #1, Anchor #1, Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #1, Where the Wild Things Are
Alison Rosen joins us via Skype to recap her time at the Big Apple Con with Jimmy. We did a little video for you as well. Check it out below. Joe also attended the show and chatted with many comic folks. Jimmy interviewed many folks and you’ll hear him with Melody Anderson (Flash Gordon), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers) and Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse). He also talked to Battlestar stars Michael Hogan (“Col. Tigh”), Aaron Douglas (“Chief Tyrol) and Luciana Carro (“Kat”) which you’ll hear in a couple of weeks. News includes the Comic-Con wars, Favreau not on Avengers film, Calvin & Hobbes at MoCCA, JSA on Smallville, MarvelFest 09, Tara McPherson at Dr. Sketchy’s and more.

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