Alternate Reality – Episode 252

Alternate Reality - Episode 252

Alternate Reality – Episode #252

Eric Peterson is on vacation this week. So not wanting to do all the heavy lifting ourselves, Jon & Charlie rush out to find the quickest replacement possible. Who’d they find? Why, non other that Chris Partin (formally of Chris brought the spookiness to the show this week with his review of Ghostbusters Displaced Aggression #2. Charlie just couldn’t figure out what the big deal was about Haunt #1, and Jon is befuddled as to why The List: Secret Warriors came out before the book that it follows chronologically. All in all, a strange episode.

Chris was a blast and we’re super glad he could join us this week. You should check out his new website,

PS. This episode will receive the explicit tag due to Charlie’s continue use of such terns as: Dick, Peter, layover, and spider baby sex.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:39 – Intro Music
0:02:00 – Intro
0:12:47 – Discount Comic Book Service Advertisement

0:14:35 – Comic Reviews
0:15:00 – Ghostbusters Displaced Aggression #2
0:24:37 – Justice League Cry for Justice #4
0:32:42 – Haunt #1
0:44:30 – Star Wars Invasion #4
0:51:13 – Dark Reign List Secret Warriors One Shot
1:01:38 – Batman the Unseen #1
1:07:02 – Amazing Spider-Man #606-607
1:19:47 – Amazing Spider-Man #608
1:28:05 – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

1:32:11 – Lightning Round
1:32:27 – Sweet Tooth #2
1:34:49 – Batman And Robin #5
1:36:38 – Deadpool #16

1:41:34 – Close
1:49:18 – Exit Music
1:50:19 – Audio Extra: Ustream Clip

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