Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 112 Are we Crossed or Haunted?

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Worst Comic Book Podcast.  Saving the world one poop joke at a time.

Issue # 112  Tonight we discuss Crossed # 7 and Haunt # 1.  Did we love the new comic book by McFarlane and Kirkman?  Well download and find out.

Apparently Ryan has the plague, because he can’t stop coughing throughout the show.  Is Ryan sucking on a cough drop or someone’s meat cannon?  Well I was there and I didn’t see any flesh swords about.

This is the last week of analog podcasting, for next weeks show, everything will be digital.  Listen as we experience our last audio problem at the beginning of the show.  That will be the last time that Ryan and I are at different levels AFTER recording a whole segment.

Check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell.  We also want to congratulate Monster Mike on his recent marriage.  Cheers Mate.

We love the all of you.

The Chronic Crew

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