Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 110 Tank Tops and Erica Durance

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Issue # 110.  This week is a little different here at Chronic Insomnia.  Ryan was away at the cabin all weekend and he drank copious amounts of alcohol, so that left him unable to prepare for the show.  We decided to switch things up this week; first we review of one of our favorite comic books, and then we have a long discussion of the fan favorite TV show, Smallville.

Friday was the “Smallville” season 9 opener and this week we talk almost exclusively about that show.  Do we still loath the idea of a superman with “no tights, no flights”?  Tune in this week and find out.

Ryan and Mike discuss the final Giant Size Old Man Logan comic book which finally came out last Wednesday.  It’s a big show with Ryan complaining of extreme chest pains and his current software upgrade.  Mike, the current Quincy Jones of podcasting, takes a break from all the technical stuff and just lets this weeks show flow throughout the night.  Stay tuned at the end of the show for a surprise song by the best singer in the world, Dennis Twat.

Check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell.  We love those damn Canadians.  If some of you missed it, Mike was on the Where Monsters Dwell show last week for over 30 minutes.  Check out that show if you’re interested to see Mike make a fool of himself.  It’s on the WMD website, so go and check out Remy, Mike, Erin and Red Shirt Ryan on CHSR college radio. We can also be found on the Comics Podcast Network.

We love the all of you!

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