WCR Episode #17 – “Proof”

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If you believe in monsters… you need evidence… wait that’s not it…

Proof   Vol. 1 from Image comics by Alexander Greician and Reily Rossmo

Proof, at it’s heart is a detective story but as you add on the
wonderfully written layers of script and amazing, if not necessarily
orthodox, art, Proof is a detective book like no other!

The book has two main characters, John “Proof” Prufrock, a Sasquatch
and lead detective/investigator for “The Ranch”, and Ginger Brown, a
FBI agent who is transferred out to the ranch after having a run-in
with a Golem.

It is important to note that if you have read this in single issues
prior to picking it up in trade, that the order had been changed. This
being one of the few book that I originally picked up in trade first I
have no idea what the differences are, but I assure you they’re there!

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