Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 107 Is Ryan A Sexy Beast Now?

Chronic Insomnia Presents:  The Podcast You Hate To Love.


Manatee Weight Loss 2009 is finally over, and Ryan is officially declared victor in the international battle of the bulges!  Listen to the exclusive press conference footage, as “Mr. Humble Pie” tells Remy of Where Monsters Dwell like it is!

Disney, Schmisney…the Chronic Crew is excited about Walking Dead on AMC!  The always entertaining Alan Moore shares his thoughts on the Marvelman acquisition, and things may be about to get rough for Diamond in the news section.

Is it possible that women might save our sinking ship?  The Estrogen Report continues last week’s investigation of the “fangirl invasion”.  Find out what happens when my test subject interested in genre television gets exposed to Supergirl and Air.

Hey…you know you want to experiment…is this the week you take a chance on the comics podcast your momma warned you about?

Check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell and hear how a show is really done.  If you like blogs, we’ve got one of those too.

We Love The All Of You.

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