Two True Freaks! Episode 65 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #10!


Ben Kenobi


“Good Guys Wear Purple

It’s an episode of many happy returns! First, Marvel Comics return to the old days with a Clone Wars era Ben Kenobi story, then return to the fourth moon of Yavin for a rousing adventure where we meet the evil Baron Tagge!
Orca Stayfree returns to chew up another book! Finally, JarJar Binks returns to impersonate a Jedi!

Also, listen for a sad trombone, hungry zombies and the acapella stylings of the Swingle Singers!

That oughta hold you little bastards for another month!

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1 thought on “Two True Freaks! Episode 65 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #10!

  1. Hey guys! Just got a google alert about this podcast–thanks much for including a sample from the Swingle Singers! Just a small correction: it is in fact Singers, not Sisters. For whatever reason we get called Sisters surprisingly often, even though the Swingle Singers have been running continuously under the same name since 1963!

    All the best. K

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