The Harbinger 3.11 – Flags of Our Letters


For those of you new to the Harbinger, there is only one way to truly describe what The Dude Von Doom, Captain Man, and Black Bolt do: Three top notch dudes professionally discussing comics and geek culture unprofessionally. Hear for yourself! Also in this episode: Captain Man’s love/hate/mostly love relationship with Dan Abnett & Andy Landing, moral ambiguities of World War II, the future of Victor Von Doom, and the future of the show itself.

(Note: Due to volume problems, we recommend listening to this episode with headphones. Or cranked to 11. Your choice.)

Books reviewed:

Nova & Guardians of the Galaxy

Immortal Weapons #1

Thunderbolts #134

Fantastic Four #569

Music by:

“Comin’ Home” by Murder By Death

“Shenanigans” by Stormtroopers of Death

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