Jimmy in the Garden podcast episode #13

itunes color fina blue- flat

Jimmy reflects on MJ

failed intros

Jimmy radio superstar pt 1

shout outs

round-robin discussion on Batwoman

Jimmy radio superstar pt 2

Dr Lou’s pick of the week #1

Jimmy radio superstar pt 3

Jimmy’s blind date pt 1

Rick’s pick of the week #1

Jimmy’s blind date pt 2

Ray’s pick of the week #1

Wizard World pt 1

Rick’s pick of the week #2

Wizard World pt 2

Ray’s pick of the week #2

Wizard World pt 3

discussion of the Great Fables Crossover

Jimmy’s pick of the week


Show notes:

Cast – Rick, Ray, Jimmy & Dr. Lou

Ames – discount department store that went out of business in 2002

Pomeroys – PA based department store that was rebranded as Bon-Ton

Judge Judy – popular tv show – used to describe Jimmy “banging the gavel”; see Donkey Kong-ing

Donkey Kong-ing – a verb meaning to make a loud noise when recording; comes from the opening scene of the 1981 video game where a giant ape loudly thumps steel girders into place

Tres Hermanos – an authentic Mexican restaurant and store located in Steelton, PA

I Love Technology – song from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, performed by brother Kip on his wedding day

Roy Orbinson glasses – Jimmy’s big wrap-around old person driving glasses

Red dye – a high in sugar food coloring often associated with hyperactivity in children

Gambit – the codename for Jimmy’s supervisor at work

Ellen Degenerate – Jimmy’s nickname for comedian, talkshow host Ellen Degeneres

Comic Geek Speak – another comic book themed podcast

Around Comics – another comic book themed podcast

Raging Bullets – another comic book themed podcast

death of Batwoman – Correction – Batwoman was not killed in Batman Family #16, but Detective Comics #485

Storm – the codename for a co-worker that Jimmy is infatuated with that is featured in Episode 6 and Episode 9

Feedback strike – when Jimmy refuses to speak

Comic Book Girl – Comic Book Girl – a friend in Jimmy’s head that was introduced in Episode 9

Uncle Dominic – the codename for Jimmy’s former fiance Trixie’s Uncle; narrator of the ‘Tale of Trixie’ in Episode 12

Wizard World photos – photos from our trip to Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 can be found here and here

Tiberius – the second codename for Jimmy’s friend Darth Blarney, who was featured in Episode 3

Pink Hulk – first appeared in Episode 11 and then Episode 12

Baltimore Comicon – Jimmy and the crew are planning to attend this con on Saturday October 10, 2009

Shore Leave 31 – Jimmy will be attending this Star Trek themed convention July 11-12, 2009

Radio Crap – Jimmy’s nickname for Radio Shack

Reading Terminal Market – Located in Philadelphia, near the convention center; referred to incorrectly as ‘Broadstreet Market’

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