Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 99.5 Grilled Manatee With Sauce

Chronic Insomnia – The worlds worst comic book podcast brings you…

Episode # 99.5  Grilled Manatee With Sauce!


For tonight’s menu, may I recommend a completely char-broiled Manatee burger with sauce?  Way, way, way, WAY too much sauce?

Before the show I had a beer or ten and then mixed myself a couple of double White Russians as we sat down to record. And well…you’re about to hear the results.  I honestly don’t remember that much of what was said.  (making this introduction a bit of a challenge) Pretty sure that I couldn’t speak straight, see straight, or complete a coherent thought.

I do remember that Quincy stopped the tape after the first thirty minutes because he couldn’t take it any more, it was that bad.  (this is unprecedented in the history of the show, oddly enough, our standards are quite low around here)  And he said to me “You’ve got to pick it up, man.  You’re slobbering out blahblahbleeebloooblaah and I can’t understand you.  Let’s do it again with some ENERGY, dude!”

And I’m thinking to myself, “If I had any energy, I’d be walking over to that wash basin and projectile vomiting bratwurst into it.”  Which I eventually did.  This will be the only podcast you listen to this week that includes an obese white man chucking bratwurst and White Russians into a wash basin, I’d wager.  You’re welcome.

Also included:  Manatee Weight Loss 09! Congratulations to Remy on his new baby girl! Hell’s Kitchen turns lead to gold with some awesome Daredevil buys in Market Spotlight!  And a bunch more stuff that I have no recollection of at all!

– Ryan

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