Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 97 Epic Fail?

Chronic Insomnia – The Worlds Worst Comic Book Podcast.  Saving The World One Poop Joke At A Time!

This week marks a landmark in Chronic Insomnia history.  Well actually it really doesn’t.  It’s a normal week for us and we get to a lot of things comic book related.  Is Captain America #600 really worth the wait?  Well we tell you all about it.

Manatee Weight Loss is still in full swing and tonight we find out just how much more Ryan has lost in the past week.  Is our Chia Shrek in danger of being taken away from us by some Canadian?  I think not.  Ryan’s off to a big start and Remy’s eating Chocolate Pop Tarts.

Michael takes another quiz that Ryan came up with.  This time it’s on our greatest American Hero, Captain America.  How will Mike do?  Well download the show and find out.

Our sponsor is back with a huge contract and some great new commercials for us to run on our show.

We love the all of you.


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